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Melon Spain
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the answers to a lot of frequently asked questions about this website.
Please read this page carefully before emailing any questions towards  obstaufkleber at

I like your website. How can I support you?

Thank you very much. There are different ways to support me:
  • I'm very happy receiving mail with fruitsticker-donations. You can find my surface-mail address here: Imprint & contact . Please let me known, whether I may list you on my Sponsors-page.
  • If you are a fruit-dealer, I am willing to create a special page with foto(s) and details (address, opening hours, etc.) about your business. Please have a look at this sample-page:
  • This website offers a variety of languages to select. I am only capable of German and English language.
    For that reason, I permanently look for help with the translation of some text (like this FAQ-page) into the other languages. If you feel willing and capable to do such a task, please contact me for further details via email: obstaufkleber at
  • In case you have relatives and/or friends outside of Germany, it would be a nice idea to ask them to collect fruitstickers and mail them once or twice per year via yourself or directly to me.
  • In the category "Unknown" you will find all stickers from unknown kinds of fruit or vegetable. When you can tell the kind of fruit or vegetable of a specific sticker by looking at it, please send me an email with that information or add it as comment to that sticker.
  • If you run your own website, you may place a link to on it using the example from the bottom of my Trade Partners-Seite.
I would like your website to support another national language. Is that possible?

Principally yes. But it depends upon the availability of a matching language-pack at the website of the underlying image gallery management system. If there is no matching language-pack and you feal willing and capable to translate text from an already supported language to the desired one, I will be glad to email you a text-file and a description on how to translate it. You may re-email the text-file after translation and I will provide the desired national language support.

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Which language(s) should I use when sending an email to

I speek English and German fluently.
I receive an error-message when clicking an email-link at your website. Why is that?

Only registered users may use the email function of But you may send an email to an addressee via your usual email-provider replacing " at " by "@" in any email-link at this site using the result as a valid email-address:

"xyz at" => ""

[ Emails  ] [ top ]

How is the quality of your duplicates?

The displayed sticker is part of my collection. All corresponding duplicates are usually of similar quality. In rare cases the quality of a duplicate may be obviously substandard. When trading such a duplicate I will notice you and/or send a scan of the duplicate prior to mailing it. As a basic guideline I will mail only stickers I would accept for my own collection.
For which period of time are stickers marked as new?

That is a configurable admin parameter. Right now stickers are marked as new for period of 30 day(s).
Your collection contains quite a few very nice and rare unicate stickers. Do you trade them?

No, I'm sorry. As a basic guideline I only trade duplicates.
If the sticker is among the most recent ones, you may send me an email and I will look for it during my next shopping tours.
What's about voting/rating stickers?

  • Only Registered users may vote for each sticker only once by rating it from 1 (Flop) to 5 (Top) points.
  • On the Statistics-Page you can see - among other information - the most voted and best rated sticker.
The refernce-#'s of your sticker show different colors. Why is that?

The meaning of the reference-#'s colors is given below:
  • Red: This is a unicate sticker not available for trading.
  • Green: This is a duplicate sticker available for trading without any restrictions.
  • Blue: This is a duplicate sticker available for trading only with some restrictions. Restrictions may be looked up at the stickers detail page. Just click at the sticker thumbnail. If you can offer a suitable label, I'll be happy to trade.
  • Turquoise: This is an Oldie duplicate sticker available for trading only at a rate of 1:5 or for another Oldie sticker.

[ Fruitstickers  ] [ top ]

Sticker comments and guestbook
Which guidelines apply to sticker comments and guestbook entries?

The following guidelines apply:
  • Common languages for sticker comments and guestbook entries are English or German .
  • Entries should be related to the topic of this website and may not contain or refer illegal contents under any circumstances.
  • reserves the unrestricted right to remove any entry violating these rules from the website without further notice.

[ Sticker comments and guestbook  ] [ top ]

Registered users
What is a registered user?

A registered user has a username and password to login at this website in order to use the special functions of (i. e. lightbox, email trade request, sticker comments, sticker voting/rating, etc.).
How can I get registered user status?

Usually only trade partners, supporters, personal friends and family relatives have registered user status. They receive their username and password via email or surface mail from the administrator of this website. If there is a good reason why you should be granted registered user status too, you may send an email to

[ Registered users  ] [ top ]

What are the basic rules using the search function?

When using the search function keep these simple basic rules in mind:
  • The search function will find only strings with a length of three or more characters.
  • An apostrophe (') may not be part of a search term. So if you want to find all melissa's labels, just search for melissas (without apostrophe).
  • German special characters ä,ö,ü,Ä,Ö,Ü,ß may not be part of a search term. They need to be replaced by ae,oe,ue,Ae,Oe,Ue,ss when entering a search term.
    So if you want to find all labels related to the search term süß, just search for suess.
  • If you don't know which database field contains the search term, leave the radio-button All fields active.
  • When searching for stickers with a specific color you will have to use german search terms:
    rot, gruen, blau, gelb, braun, schwarz, weiss, rosa, violett, orange, weinrot, gold, oliv, silber, tuerkis, grau, beige
    Please keep in mind that each color covers the range from light to dark!
  • When searching for stickers with a specific shape you will have to use german search terms:
    Kreis , Quadrat , Dreieck , Oval-H , Oval-V , Rechteck-H , Rechteck-V , Raute-H , Raute-V ,
    Blatt , Irregulaer (covering all shapes previously not mentioned) ... ... ...
    Please keep in mind that each basic shape covers a wide variety of deviations!
  • When searching for stickers made of a certain material you may use one of the following search terms:
    Papier (Stickers made from paper), Folie (Stickers made from plastic foil), Pappe (Stickers made from cardboard), Gewebe (Stickers made from textile)
  • When searching for stickers with certain Specials you may use one of the following search terms:
    Oldie (Stickers prior to 1980), URL (Stickers containing an URL), Email (Stickers containing an Email address), Box (Stickers from wrapping), Barcode (Stickers with EAN-/Barcode), Minibuch (Stickers designed as booklet), Safety-Cuts (Stickers with safety-cuts) Anhaenger (Non-adhesive otherwise attachted cardboard)
How can I find your duplicates?

Most easy: To show all duplicates just click at the link All duplicates in the upper right corner of the page.

To limit the search to duplicates of a certain brand proceed as described below:
  • Enter Duplikat into the text-entry box at the pagehead.
  • You may enter additional searchwords (i. e. and Chiquita) separated by SPACE characters to further limit the search.
  • Click the Search button.
  • All matching duplicates will be displayed.
I'm interested only in duplicates of a certain kind of fruit. How can I find these duplicates?

That's easy too:
  • Click the "Advanced search" link at the pagehead to skip to the Search page
  • Enter Duplikat into the "Search by Keyword" search-text entry-box.
  • Choose the desired kind of fruit (i. e. Kiwifruit) from the Category drop-down list.
  • You may enter additional keywords (i. e. Zespri) separated by SPACE characters to further limit the search.
  • Select AND or OR as "search term" to link all entered keywords.
  • If you did not enter additional keywords activate the "Only Trade-Info"-radio-button to speed-up the search.
  • Click the Search button.
  • All matching Kiwifruit duplicates will be displayed.
In your collection there are quite a lot of stickers which can't be found using search function,
even when they match the search criteria 'optically'. Why is that?

That's because some fields in the database records for those stickers are filled with default values yet. I will continously change that whenever I can spare the time necessary. So the accuracy of the search function will increase as time goes by. I will notice you in this place as soon as all database-records are complete.

[ Searching  ] [ top ]

What is your trading procedure?

A trade proceeds as follows:
  • Incoming trade-requests will be answered in sequence of arrival (first in - first out) as soon as possible. Therefore it may happen that a specific duplicate is no longer available because someone requested it with an email which arrived prior to your trade-request.
  • It may occur that email trade-requests are not answered instantly because I don't look at incoming emails every day. Beside of that, I may occasionally get sick, beeing on a vacation or a business trip. Usually you can expect an answer within one week. If there is no answer after one week, you should re-email your trade-request.
  • You should use the build-in email trade-request function of the lightbox containing a text entry field for comments on each sticker to indicate the sequence of the stickers you would like to trade (starting with 1 = ämost wanted“). Please use the related radio-button to indicate whether or not you would like a scan of the duplicates you selected for trade in order to check their quality prior to mailing them.
  • If you run your own website showing your duplicates, please put the URL in the related field in the head of the email trade-request form.
  • If you don't run your own website, you will have to send me an additional email via your usual email-provider with an appending .ZIP-file containg scans (JPG or GIF) of all your available duplicates.
  • I will select from your duplicates as many as you selected from mine. If I select less duplicates from yours than you selected from mine, I will send you an equal amount of duplicates of your choice in your declared sequence of interest. If requested, I will email you a scan of all duplicates you selected prior to mailing them.
  • If it is our first trade and it was started by your trade-request, I ask you to mail your duplicates first. Instantly after receiving your duplicates I will mail the duplicates you selected. If our trade was started by me, I will mail my duplicates first, of course. On future trades I will mail my duplicates simultaneously with yours.

[ Trading  ] [ top ]

I would like to trade. But so many duplicates are displayed. How can I keep track?

Proceed as described below (only registered user):
  • To use the Lightbox buttons of the stickers, JavaScript needs to be enabled in your browers settings !!!

  • Login with your userid and password via the Registered users box on the left side of the page.
  • Use the links Search, Advanced search or All duplicates at the pagehead to find duplicates.
  • Click the Lightbox button at all duplicates you are interested to trade.
  • Skip to the Lightbox page by clicking the Lightbox link in the Registered users box on the left side of the page.
  • At the Lightbox page all previously selected duplicates will be displayed.
  • By clicking the Lightbox button again you may deselect any of the displayed duplicates from within the Lightbox page.
  • You may even leave the Lightbox page to search for and select additional duplicates without loosing the previously selected duplicates on return to the Lightbox page.
  • After finally selecting all duplicates you want for trade, please click the Email Trade Request link.
  • In the email form all necessary pagehead fields are already filled in. You may fill in the optional fields and add an individual comment for each duplicate.
  • By clicking the Submit button at the end of the email form, your trade request will be sent towards
  • If the email form consists of multiple pages, you will have to send each page separately by clicking the Submit button.
  • Please don't modify or delete the contents of the lightbox after submitting all pages of your trade request unless I tell you it's ok to do so! This is because I need those contents to prepare your letter with the requested stickers.
  • A copy of the trade request(s) will be sent to the email address, with which you became a registered user.
  • Incoming trade requests will be answered in sequence of arrival (first in - first out) as soon as possible.

[ Lightbox  ] [ top ]



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